Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meth - 1 : Me - 0

Well, here I am at 3:23 am kind of coming down.  When I left my friend Bob's house the other day (after going on about a 5 day binge there) I told myself that I needed to not do any shit for a few weeks.  At the very least, I need to let my system clean out hopefully before my TASC color comes up this month.  It only comes up once a month, but I never know when it will come up.  I have to call everyday and listen to the colors and as soon as mine comes up (my color is maroon) I have to report that day and take a UA.   But I had just a little shit that I got from Bob -- not a whole lot -- but I was "saving" it.  Of course, being in possession of it, I lasted about 2 days before I broke down and did it tonight.  It was stupid because I didn't even really enjoy it, there wasn't enough of it to enjoy really.  I ended up doing the majority of it by snorting it, which wasn't really all that great.  It wasn't until later that I found where my mom keeps the light bulbs and was able to fashion a sort of glass pipe out of one of those.  But by then what I had was mostly gone and the little I had left to smoke only succeeded in waking me up a little and making me want more.  So here I am again, telling myself that tonight is going to have to be the last time I do meth for a while......

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Dani said...

Yeah, that's what I tell myself everytime. I cry and I pray and I feel like shit and as soon as I get rested up enough to function and feel like a normal person.... I do it all over again. Dope is the fuckin devil girl.