Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ever Seem Like You Just Can't Leave?

Just Can't Seem To Get Out of the House    So yesterday I was trying to just get dressed and go to a friend's house and try and get some shit for Herc and me. I of course, dawdled, and got distracted and couldn't get out of my own way. Finally, I was more or less out the door except I decided I should eat something before I left & sat down to have a bowl of cereal. Herc lost patience with me and snapped at me about how I was taking too long and he'd have been there and back by now etc etc... Told me he was going to just go himself.
     So I angrily kept notes secretly as he was getting ready to leave. At first it was in anger so I'd have proof for myself that he really DOES take just as long as I do to go anywhere. But today it's just funny as hell to look back on... WHY DO WE GET STUCK SO OFTEN? Takes for damned ever to get out of the house sometimes.....

  • 1:42pm     Herc says I'm taking too long and to nevermind he's just going to go himself.
  • 1:49pm    Gets dressed and then "hurries" to the kitchen table; hurries up and sits down to smoke some black that is.
  • 2:05pm     After arguing w/ me, Herc hustles out the door only to come immediately back in and start rustling through stuff. (Obviously much more focused on going to run this errand than I was... God it's a good thing he didn't wait for me to eat that bowl of cereal... )
  • 2:09pm     After arguing with me again for a couple pointless minutes about stupid bullshit he says my favorite phrase, "You know, if you wanted to while I'm gone...." (*GROAN*)
    The 'If you wanted to while I'm gone' lead-in is usually followed by a few suggestions as to possible tasks that I might find to be the wisest use of my time in his absence. Usually ends with the ever-appreciative, "but I know you probably won't so..."
  • 2:11pm     He leaves (finally)
  • 2:11pm     Comes back in again? for what?...... Ah now he's decided he needs to take the lock off of the door so that he can get a key made for the deadbolt. (Is currently still doing that now & it's 2:15 - 35 minutes now after he said I was taking too long and that he was just going to go himself.
  • 2:20pm     Finally Herc actually leaves
  • 2:24pm     False alarm, he didn't actually leave - he's still outside. Doing what? I don't know but I can hear him outside rifling around through stuff .... aha now he just called my name (geez)
  • 2:35pm     Herc leaves for real? Heard the bike click-clicking as he pushed it away...

That's 53 minutes he took to leave - ALMOST AN HOUR lol - gee like I said it sure is a good thing he didn't wait for me to finish that bowl of cereal.