Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July Brings Warrant And Less Bobby

4th of July = Wanted: Random Girl
    So I just realized last night that I was supposed to go to court yesterday afternoon. Since I forgot I now have a warrant out for my arrest. Damn. I honestly just thought it wasn't until next week for some reason. Geez, it's really the kinda shit that I should pay more attention to I guess eh?
   Anyway, I'm slowly working at becoming "Bobby Free" but it's a difficult process (difficult for him who then MAKES it difficult for me) that I will go more into later. Right now I'm trying to get high real quick on the last of the dope that I have and get out of the house and go spend the $2.00 that I have to play video poker. But I want to get out of here without Bobby seeing and/or following me... I know he's lurking around the property somewhere.... I'm actually going to walk and leave my bike chained up here so that if/when he checks to see if it's there he'll see it and think I'm still holed up in my room sleeping or being a recluse.
Sheesh.. Wish me luck I guess. Later