Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th Of July Brings Warrant And Less Bobby

4th of July = Wanted: Random Girl
    So I just realized last night that I was supposed to go to court yesterday afternoon. Since I forgot I now have a warrant out for my arrest. Damn. I honestly just thought it wasn't until next week for some reason. Geez, it's really the kinda shit that I should pay more attention to I guess eh?
   Anyway, I'm slowly working at becoming "Bobby Free" but it's a difficult process (difficult for him who then MAKES it difficult for me) that I will go more into later. Right now I'm trying to get high real quick on the last of the dope that I have and get out of the house and go spend the $2.00 that I have to play video poker. But I want to get out of here without Bobby seeing and/or following me... I know he's lurking around the property somewhere.... I'm actually going to walk and leave my bike chained up here so that if/when he checks to see if it's there he'll see it and think I'm still holed up in my room sleeping or being a recluse.
Sheesh.. Wish me luck I guess. Later


Carrion Doll said...

Benn reading your back story. Really hope your not in jail and will be about soon and post again. That sounds like I am saying I hope your not in jail just so you can post shit for me to read,lol. Didn't mean it that way. I really hope you didn't get picked up on that warrant because dumb ass Bob is a big ass cry baby. I have been there (jail) myself so I know how much it sucks. Hope to see you back soon...

Carrion Doll said...

Not a stalker I promise,lol. I know I just commented last night. But was reading your old posts and saw that yesterday was your 32nd birthday. Happy belated Birthday, hope you were a free woman for it and doing well. IDK if I told you in any other comments, my memory is absolutely horrible, but I added your blog to my links on blog. Check it out sometime! I gave it up for awhile but I am back to wanting to keep up with it again.

OffThePath said...

I learned much from the last hour and a half spent reading every post and comment. I was being random by reading something that started a thought process that lead me to another thing etc. That brought me here, and it wasn't even the baking soda thing, Oh before I forget its pectin, the stuff you can/jar jam with that binds the lipids/fats in the urine and lets you pass the THC test. Gal Pal who I had one of those lets get some go and just let it dictate our day relationships with, laid the pectin thing on me, She was the regional manager for a well known medical test center.

If I walked into your restaurant you would probably think, "Paper thin laptop, latest smartphone iteration, geek logo on the T-shirt, Older guy probably been a geek all his life" may have smoked pot in his younger days".. Score? 10%.. I am the stealthy addict. I have compartmentalized my life to the point no one but the person I score from knows I use, She has no clue what I do or where I live. The people I work with and have worked with would probably tell you "He wouldn't know pot from crack if you shoved it up his ass and lit it on fire".
I have used a variety of drugs my entire adult life. Pot, Hash, Peyote, Meth, Coke, E, and for some reason I have always escaped unscathed or nearly so the potential shit storm from the many and varied drug induced dumb ass things I did.

Sweetie I have at times fucked up in "that was epic" fashion and for a far longer time than anything you have posted, the difference is, for some reason the hammer never quite fell all the way down before I stepped out of the way through just random unthinking mindless action. So, I never felt drugs were a problem (unless I couldn't the ones I wanted at the time)

We are all around you, or I like to think we are. After being gone from Portland for the past 15 years its good to be home, Like you I had no connections but I spent the last 7 years in a Seattle suburb, my "people" were a couple hours away and at least 1 delivers If I pick up the tab at a dive bar somewhere.

I can offer you this advice, we are all addicts every fucking one of us. somehow to something we are addicts. Its not a decision we can make "to be or not" People may quit drugs or gambling or licking toilet seats at bus stations, they will find something else. We are wired for addictions, it is our favorite drug.

Its not not what or how we use its how we manage the process of using. Its a process once grasped allows us The freedom not to have to choose one life or the other :)

There is hope. Keep in touch I'm interested in your progress. and BTW I'm married, I have socks older than you, and even my wife has no clue I have ever done anything besides grow and smoke small quantities of coveted strains of excellent weed It's a learned process.

My question for you is what next? make a Clean or not choice? or not have to make a that choice?

Random Girl said...

Hey there! Not thinking you're a stalker at all lol. In fact I'm still just amazed that people (other than myself) actually read this sometimes and I'm always glad to get comments and feedback :)

Unknown said...

So ok, I just came across your blog the other day. My husband and I have been off paper for several yeas until just now. We have to do the DOC thing for the next 12 months.We tried to go clean....until today. Going to try the baking soda thing. hope it works. Antway, just wanted to let you know that your blog is nice to see cause it shows that we are not alone.
Wish us luck. BTW we are in Vancouver, just across the bridge from you.

Katherine Denise Lehmkuhl-Leavitt said...

dont risk it