Friday, June 24, 2011

Missing The Vein

(Also check out my whole page on missing the vein )

 Yesterday when I was shooting, I guess I accidentally moved the needle before I was done injecting.  Consequentially I ended up "missing" part of the shot.  For anyone who's not familiar, missing is when you're shooting up and you push down on the plunger to inject and discover that the needle isn't all the way in the vein.  (Or in my case my hand moved a little so the needle came out while I was injecting.)  This can hurt a lot (burns like hell!) and also results in a weird lump at the injection site and sometimes can be accompanied with swelling.
   Luckily, I only fell out of the vein at the end of my shot, so I didn't miss the whole thing.  Since I've been on this sort of picture taking kick lately I took a couple of pictures:

 (Click on either picture to see larger version)

Meth Injection - Small Bump From Missing My Vein

Meth Injection - Partially Missed Vein And An Old Scar

If I would've missed the whole shot it would've been a lot bigger lump and my arm might have even swelled up a little.  I know in these pictures my forearm LOOKS like it's sort of swollen, but it's actually not.  For some reason my webcam sort of does this fish eye thing when I put something too close to it.  But anyway I'm always really careful about pushing down slowly on the plunger of the syringe when I'm injecting.  That way if I'm missing I'll feel a littel burning right away and won't end up doing the whole thing.  Ok, that's all for now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Easier Veins = Bruised Boobs

So lately I've turned to using the veins in my boobs for shooting.  They're easy to see, and they're not all tough and scarred like a lot of the ones in my arms.  So even when my needle's duller than I'd like, I don't have to sit there and poke myself OVER and OVER trying to get in the vein.  Of course, those veins aren't exactly used to that kind of abuse - and they bruise easily. 
Which has resulted in my boobs looking like this:

Bruised Boobs From Needle Use

It's really pretty gross, I realize.  Thank god there's no chance of anyone seeing me naked anytime soon.  I've got pretty nice boobs normally so to do this to them is a bit of a disgrace and everytime I see them in a mirror I'm kind of annoyed with myself.  I can't imagine what anyone else's reaction would be - they'd probably be pretty disgusted I guess.  Unless of course they'd ever been a slammer too - then maybe they'd understand.
   I guess that's all I've got to say.  Except I'll throw it out there that I'm thinking that it's getting more and more important that I quit tweaking soon.
    I know I've said it at least a few times before.
    I really mean it though.
    I always mean it.

   Is anybody reading this blog????

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Old Friends, Free Dope, and Unwise Spending

So I'm hanging out with and old friend of mine right now - Jim - talking my freaking ear off!!! He called me tonight and asked me if I wanted to come out to Timbuktu* and 'party' which I knew meant he'd get me high.  I haven't seen ol' Jim since before I went to prison and I didn't have any shit so I said OK.  Jim was always a real cool old guy - lives in his little trailer - gets disability and makes money on the said scrapping stuff and selling all his random shit on Craigslist.
    My job at Garcia's is going OK - as far as jobs go. 
    It's money - or it WOULD  be money except for the fact that I keep spending about $20/day on dope.  I do that about 4 or 5 times a week and well.... add that up and it ends up being kind of depressing.... I'm supposed to be saving money and paying off my fines so that I can get my license back.  So I feel guilty because I also should be helping out my mom and stepdad with their bills -at least a little bit.  But freaking tweakers are selfish and I'm no exception to that rule.  I'm just as selfish as the next tweaker, but I'm honest.... for the most part.  I'm not one of those tweakers who'll steal your dope from you and then help you look for it.  In fact, I don't steal from anybody period..... But if you leave your pipe in front of me and it's got dope in it, I'll probably take a few hits without your permission...but I'll tell you that I did it after the fact LOL..
   Ok, on that note I'll wrap this up... Sometime here within the next few days I'm going to post a blog with all of the details on how to pass a UA (but it will only work with meth.)  If anyone has any questions or has any specific details that they want to make sure I include when I write that blog, let me know!