Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Rancid Icing On My Poisonous Cake of a Week.

Recap Ok - so as I mentioned in my previous post, I've had a shitty sort of week.  Although the Foo Fighters concert I went to was awesome; that night I ended up losing my purse (with all of the money that I'd saved all the previous week, as well as my ID and all of my makeup....)  Then of course I learned from my sort-of-ex-something-or-other that my friend Brittany Cox (R.I.P.) was murdered about 3 & 1/2 months ago.

Piece de la resistance..
So, of COURSE my week wouldn't have been complete without the other night - when I got fired from my job.

Nobody To Blame But Me    It was my own fault of course.  I sometimes lately tend to bring my "energy drinks" (a.k.a. alcoholic beverages) to work with me in Styrofoam cups with lids.  And honestly, I don't get smashed at work, nor do I show up at work drunk or anything.....
    Some people don't like to go to work until they've had their coffee.  I don't like to go to work until I've had a Mike's Harder Cranberry (or lime) Lemonade...
  Having a drink in the morning is of course popularly believed to be one of the warning signs that someone is an alcoholic....(who decided that anyway?)  And hey - I'll be the first to admit that I definitely have an addictive personality.  But I really don't consider myself an alcoholic.  Not yet anyways.....though I like to think that I've got potential.  (kidding, kidding)
    Seriously though, I've found that when I wake up, the first thing I love to do is is crack open a beer or have a drink.  That is the best drink of the day and my favorite way to start my day..  (somewhere in the world someone in A.A. just fainted.)  It wakes me up and puts me in an easygoing, friendly mood - and a content, frame of mind.  And although I'm very aware of the alcoholic implications of having a drink first thing in the morning - I honestly don't see how in doing so I'm any different from someone who has to have their 1, 2, 3 or more cups of coffee in order to feel like they can function.
    Why is one OK and the other socially frowned upon?

And as for drinking right before I go to work, well, I've found that I tend to get on better with tables and people in general when I've had just that one drink before work.  I seem to find my rhythm so much easier, I make better tips. and  I manage things smoothly; I'm pleasant and friendly with tables, and not a lot really phases me.
And like I mentioned before, I wouldn't ever come to work drunk or anything.

    Am I trying to justify my "behavior" with that sort of thinking/rationale?
    Honestly I don't THINK that I am.

My Manager Nina Goes All Secret Squirrel On Me... I'll skip all the unnecessary details, but here are the key points:
  1. I was a little careless with my cup
  2. Nina (a junior manager) distracted me with some menial task I had to go in the back to do
  3. When I was gone and no one was looking she snagged my cup and hustled it back to the managers' office and hid it there until later
  4. She hurried back up front - and acted just as normal as could be to me
  5. A short time later I noticed the disappearance of my cup, but wrote it off to being accidentally thrown away by one of the bussers
  6. When I came back in for my second shift that night, Phillip said he needed to talk to me (at which point I KNEW something was up but didn't know what)
  7. At the last minute Nina came hurrying into the office too (which both, surprised and annoyed me)
  8. I walked out of there 10 minutes later without a job

Had It Been Anyone Else..
    Had it been ANY other manager, (Kimberly, or Debbie or even the main boss, Phillip) I'm like 98% sure that they probably would've just confronted me and told me that couldn't go on anymore.  Phillip of course would've been REALLY upset and disappointed in me.  But I'm fairly certain that had he alone found it that he wouldn't have fired me.  I honestly think that because it was Nina who found it and went to Phil, and because she followed us into the office to be there when he talked to me, I think that he was put in a really bad situation because it would've been really weird if he DIDN'T fire me.  And when he did fire me he apologized, and told me that he wasn't left with any real options OTHER than to fire me - but he told me that he'd definitely give me a good reference - which means A LOT.

The Whole Story: Nina's Ultimatum   So here's the part I didn't know but learned from Chayce tonight. He's a a guy who I worked with there who I've became pretty good friends with over the past months. He's an awesome guy who's been through a lot of drugs and bullshit like me - even though he's only 18 years old.  ANYWAY, Chayce texted me and asked me tonight if I wanted to go to Barefoot Bob's (a bar) and I said yes. (We both ended up getting pretty smashed lol it was fun)  
  It was on the drive over to Barefoot Bob's that he was telling me was telling me how everyone at work thought it was bullshit what happened to me.  And it turns out that Nina told Chayce and a few other people at work that she'd basically given Phillip an ultimatum and told him that if he DIDN'T fire me she'd quit.
I didn't realize that she was that against me.  Strange.. and vindictive.  I'm glad that Chayce told me that too because now I feel more justified in calling her a fucking snitch in my head and hating on her....

After that happened the other night, I walked to the Albertson's Grocery Store not too far from work, and sat down in a remote area of the parking lot and cried for half an hour.

Once I got that out of my system however, I've been trying to be positive.  I like to believe that old addage, "Everything happens for a reason"  :)  
    Turns out that maybe I'm right.  Because some really interesting things have happened since I got fired.  I will write more about them tomorrow - right now I'm all tired from having all those drinks at the bar with Chayce earlier.  And just every once in a while I like to TRY to go to bed before the sun comes up (doesn't happen very often though.)  Ok.  Till later.....

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lilly said...

i agree with much of what u say. i love to wake up in the morning to a drink and lately its been more often. my dad just got back to australia from being overseas on saturday and i made sure i text him my duty free order which included a bottle of 55% chartreuse. and he came through for a change. i can only do a couple full shots before im quite drunk so i gotta go easy on it. i was never a beer drinker until about 3 weeks ago when i actually drank a full beer and enjoyed it so i think itll be my drink of choice this summer, just gotta watch the beer belly look with plenty of sit ups and zumba workouts i downloaded from frostwire. im a very uncoordinated person but in the privacy of my loungeroom im determined to work on my coordination. keep blogging, so i got something to read. lilly. ps. checkout the feedjit widget on my blog. it gives a heaps idea of where your readers are from and how long they actually stay on your blog reading for. xo