Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'll Take Stupid Tweaker Tricks For 500 Please Alex

     I was just reading a post on Princess Addiction's blog  which got me thinking about something that happened a few years back; something that resulted in me accidentally 'outing' myself as a tweaker to a complete stranger. 
     I'd just done an issue at my friend Serena's house.  However I'd had trouble finding a vein and  due to my multiple unsuccessful pokes combined with the fact that sometimes I'm a bleeder - I ended up with some dried blood in the crook of my arm.  Well I was pretty high and a little sleep deprived.  And before I could remember to wash the dried blood off of my arm, I was apparently distracted by some incredibly interesting and  probably meaningless task. 
    A little bit later in the spirit of drug-inspired spontaneity Serena and decided to walk down to the Dollar Store and the nearby Salvation Army.  We'd put on jackets before we left so my bloody arm was now hidden as well as forgotten. 
    Well when we got to the Salvation Army, they had the heat turned up to like 500 degrees. So I absentmindedly took off my jacket and kind of carried it around draped over my arm.  I was still oblivious at this point and although the jacket was hiding the blood on my arm that was purely by accident.  So I went to the cashier (Some 40 year old guy with a long brown ponytail, glasses, and a smoker's cough) to buy the $3 CD I found.  I had to transfer my jacket to my other arm so that I could dig into my right jeans pocket for my money. 
    It wasn't until I held out the $3 to him  that I was horrified to see my blood-crusted arm screaming for attention as it stretched out all on display between he and I.  The blood was kind of crusted/smeared right there on the crook of my arm - the universal shooting-up spot.  He saw it (you couldn't really miss it) and he sort of shook his head and said "Okay then" as he took my money.  Then he proceeded to glare disapprovingly over the top of his glasses at me while he    S *L *O *W *L *Y    got my change for me.  He just held my gaze the whole time and then at the end of our transaction he kind of snorted and said "Okay..." again. 
    I laugh when I think about it NOW. At the time though I got ALL SORTS of freaked out... and paranoid, lol.  I dragged Serena out of the store in a panick and forced her to practically run with me all the way back to her house.  Looking over my shoulder the whole way for the whole way for the cop cars and helicopters  I was sure were coming after us..... 

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PrincessAddiction1031 said...

Priceless...I love it. I did it at some guys house in his bathroom one time, and he had all white walls and all wite cabnets, floors etc. Well, I had to use a parvo needle...when i pulled it out, blood went EVERYWHERE, it looked like a mass murder scene, Luckily he knew I was doinjg it so it wasnt so bad when I had to ask him for something to clean it up with. LOL.

Your #1 Fan!!!

Anonymous said...

My ex boyfriend fixed up his rig (he had just done a shot so the one he fixed up was for later). Well, he put it behind his ear with the cap on it (like some people do with cigarettes) Well he got involved in playing video games and got thirsty so he decided to go to the mom and pop gas station directly in front of my apartment complex. When he walked back through the door I asked him.. "you SERIOUSLY went to the store... what the hell were you thinking?" he was completely clueless as to why I was reacting that way until I told him to go and look in the mirror. When he did he was STILL completely clueless and said "what? What the hell is wrong with me going to the store?" That's when I pointed out that he still had something tucked behind his ear and he had short hair so it was completely noticeable to everyone he encountered. He was the kinda guy that didn't give a f&*K what people thought... he just flashed me his crooked grin and said... "so what I'm diabetic"

Random Girl said...

Lol - I'm still actually laughing about this and it's the second time I've read it.... That's pretty bad! The strangest thing though is that apparently NO ONE said anything to him or even asked him about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's nothing.... He and I remained really good friends after we split up and he actually started dating a friend of mine. Well, they got a hotel room one night and he was working about 25 miles away. Well... he told me whatever I do, don't let him be late for work (I was going to come by in the morning and take him to work) Well... I tried calling him when I was heading over to the hotel to pick him up... NO ANSWER.. so while I drove I blew up his cell phone, the girl he was with her cell phone and the phone in the hotel room... STILL no answer! So I arrive at the hotel and I had to be buzzed into the lobby (it was like 5 a.m. and I went up to the room and pounded on the door so loud that people in other rooms were opening their doors thinking I was knocking on their door. So after about ten min. of constantly knocking and calling the phone(s) all at the same time (and I could hear the phones ringing from outside the room where I stood knocking). I was more than ready to give up but I KNEW it was extremely important that he got to work on time.... SO... what could I do? I went down to the front desk and told the guy that my brother was upstairs and I couldn't get him to open the door and he HAS to be at work and CANNOT be late and was there anyway he could open the door for me with his key card. To this day I honestly don't know how in the hell I pulled it off and convinced him to do it but he escorted me up to the room with his key card and tried knocking/calling just like I had and he got the same results...NO ANSWER. So he told me that he could open the door and go in but I would have to wait in the hallway. (seriously...this dude had absolutely no clue who I REALLY was I could have been a pissed off wife getting ready to catch my husband cheating for all he knew!) So he did just that, he opened the door and went in calling out "Sir, are you okay" well I heard my ex mumbling so at least he was FINALLY waking up. WHEW! THEN.... the desk clerk looks on the table and sees a syringe sitting there and gasps and says is that a needle???
What the hell was I supposed to do now? This clerk is gonna call the cops I just know it. But with I quickness I said..."He's diabetic that's probably why I had such trouble waking him up is there any orange juice handy?" well the clerk didn't believe me immediately and said "SIR ARE YOU A DIABETIC" by this point my ex was awake enough to understand what was going on and he mumbled "Yes and I think I need my insulin". The clerk ran past me and down the hall and less than two minutes later he returned with a orange juice... handed it to me, asked if he was going to be okay and after I assured him that he was he said he was going back to the front desk and if I needed ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL please don't hesitate to call downstairs. *LMAO* I told my ex... well, not only did I make sure he was up in time but I also made sure he had o.j. to drink when he woke up. I still can't believe I pulled that one off and still laugh about it to this day. The diabetic thing works wonders cuz no one really questions it.