Monday, July 18, 2011

The F**king Waiting Game

Hurry up and fucking WAIT WAIT WAIT so that I can pay someone for some CRAP CRAP CRAP...

OK, so here's a quick update:  A few weeks ago, Jack, who was my best and most reliable connect got mad at me.  It went something like this:

          I only had $20 to spend on shit, but my friend Brett had $80 he wanted to invest.  So at about 10 a.m. I sent Jack a text message.   It said something along the lines of   'Hey there Jackie! I've got about 80 to 100 reasons why you should come into town! Call or text me ASAP!'

          Most of the day went by with no word from Jack.  I text him again, and tried calling and eventually my friend Brett decided to invest his money elsewhere.
          Around 5:30 that evening Jack texts me and lets me know he's almost in my area and that he's going to stop by in a few -which he did.  We drove to this dead-end  street we go to sometimes, where I bought a twenty from Jack and he smoked a bowl with me.  We chatted for a bit, then he dropped me off by my house and left.
          Unbeknownst to me, Jack was apparently furious that I'd only bought a 20 when he thought it was going to be more like 80 or 100.  Of course, never once did Jack ask me if 80 to 100 was still what I wanted.  In fact he didn't speak of or attempt to confirm ANY sort of dollar amount with me.
He didn't even bring up the text message I'd sent him.....If he had I would've politely explained to him that in the SEVEN HOURS that it took for him to respond to me, my friend -who'd been the main financial backer for this business arrangement - had made other plans.

    But Jack never mentioned anything to me, I had no idea that he was mad, and when he left, I was still completely unaware that there was even a problem between us.

    Well Jack was mad.  Jack  is mad and consequentially he's apparently not dealing to me anymore.  And although I really hate to admit it, that totally sucks.  He was fairly reliable, always had decent shit, charged me reasonable rates, and not to mention the fact that he would deliver.  I still owe the state of Arizona $5,000 in old fines before I can get my license again.  Being without a car or license it's hard for me to meet up with people.  And my house (or rather, my parents' house) is way back in this little suburban housing development and is 3 miles away from even the nearest Circle K.
So without Jack to turn to I find myself having to go back to the old game of spending 5,000 hours just trying to find someone who has anything.  Then once I do I get to spend an additional day or two trying to meet up with them (or waiting for them to meet up with me.)

I HATE THE FUCKING WAITING GAMES!!!  I'm spending literally hours each day just trying to track down crappy 20 bags.  Usually those 20 bags turn out to look more like 10 bags by the time they get to me, and it takes me ten times longer to obtain them then it does to do them.  Then I get to start ALL OVER again the next day.
    I really miss Jack.  And after suffering through a couple weeks of frustration I'm wondering if I should just suck it up and call him and apologize (even though I don't feel that I did anything wrong.)  It would be an insincere apology and I would just be kissing his ass in order to get him to start dealing with me again.  I don't know though.... I mean I do have some pride.  And even if I do apologize/kiss his ass/etc it doesn't necessarily mean that he'll start doing "business" with me again.

I don't know.  Bottom line is now I'm back to playing these stupid hurry up and wait games with wannabe dealers and/or people who know someone who knows someone whose heard of someone that might have something....    AARG!!


-PrincessAddiction1031 said...

Hah, oh you poor thing. LOL. I wish you the best of luck. It has to suck waiting all the time. :) Well, I love you!

Your biggest fan and fellow tweaker,

-PrincessAddiction1031 said...

Hello again my dear friend,
I changed around ALOT of shit on my profile and my blog.
Let me know what you think!!
It's 2:33am and im so bored.