Friday, May 13, 2011

Same Old Shit...

Same old shit.... I am still up to my old tricks.  I am really getting sick of all this crap though.  Originally when I started this blog, I was still at a point where I felt I could do some meth and then leave it alone for a while.  But now I want it everyday.  It's really stupid, because I knew that's what would happen......  On a lighter note, I sure have put in a lot of hours on
    Not exactly super-productive. 


Anonymous said...

So, you aren't alone. You got me! I like your website, its brave of youu to post it all online. :) Kinda inspirational. Youre alot like me, love love love to talk when tweaking, i wrote a long ass essay studying drug addicts a few weeks ago while tweaking. lol, i hope you comment back, maybe we can be freiends :) I understand you girl, congrats on your job!!! :) Im still searching :( Anyways, much love from a fellow w=tweaker!!

Random Girl said...

Hey Anonymous! You are officially my first comment. I'm glad to hear from you and I can relate to the writing of unassigned homework assignments such as essays on drug addicts lol. Hope you come back and check out my blog again in the future.
-Random Girl

PrincessAddiction1031 said...

I decided to not be anonymous anymore. Everyone can take time to judge, or watch funny videos of monkeys on youtube. but no one bothers to think of us. you are an amazing person, and i dont even really know you! but i know a side of you who feels EXACTLY like me. i am having an on/off relationship with it too. its not easy, but what i wanan know is will there ever be a day i stop counting days sober and stop actually trying to be done with it. ive only been doing it for 6months, currently, trying to be off. i hate this shit and it just isnt fair. lol, im sorry i jus poured my heart out over a comment. lol. hope to hear bacvk and i hope you check ut my blog which you inspired. maybe ull write about me. lol. i love you and i love your blog! :)

Random Girl said...

Princess - Hey there! Wow thanks so much for the kudos! Thank you also for being my very first follower! :) I will OF COURSE check out your blog too! Probably after I'm done with this. And as for pouring your heart out in a comment - that's awesome. Pour your heart out wherever you freaking please because there sure aren't enough people who do that anymore. Well good luck with everything and keep in touch! :)
Random Girl