Friday, April 13, 2012

Squishing Cottons

The Squishing of the Cottons -  I'm all out of dope today, and since I've had like 3 days off in a row I have no money. So I had to resort to squishing cottons... Got me high for a little while at least.

   For anyone who doesn't know about squishing cottons, it's sort of the meth shooter's equivalent of scraping resin out of a weed pipe and smoking it when you're out of bud. Whenever I set up a shot, I draw it up into the needle through a little piece of cotton. Then when the water evaporates the only thing left in the cotton is a little bit of meth residue. (Sometimes a lot if I'm careless or if I intentionally want to have a lot left over in the cotton.) I save all of my cottons and then when I'm out of dope and really want some, I put them all in a spoon, add a little water to them, and squish the crap out of them. Then as I'm squeezing the excess dope out of the cottons I'm simultaneously sucking up the mixture into a syringe that I then inject like normal. Sometimes - if I've saved up enough cottons - I get just as high from them as I would from doing an actual shot of dope.

   (***NEXT DAY NOW***) OK - Well that was yesterday anyway. Today I'm still out of money and out of shit. Thank God I work tonight! I've had 4 days off in a row which is too many! Fortunately a friend of mine is going to do me a favor and loan me some shit.


xo lilly (my life unspoken) said...

we get sold all our meth in plastic baggies so theres always a bagwash to do. if its killer neat it leaves a killer line of meth across the water level of the used bag. also caus i smoke a lot i can clean my pipe out with one of those scoop squishie straws. perfect size to twist down the glass barrel. the lengths we go to hey. xo lilly

Anonymous said...

Someone who doesn't know I stlam loaded and partially smoked a bowl with me im taking it out and hitting it with water. I either lose or dont use cottons everytime

Anonymous said...

Down here in the southeast, most of the shit is pure. So after about 4-5 shots, I scrape the white residue on the spoon. It's not the best but it is better than nothing.