Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easy Come Way Too Easy Go
    Ok, so my financial freedom lasted me all of two days before I'd managed to spend the remaining $250 I had on gambling.... 'Wow,' (I said to myself) 'My gambling addiction is WAY more out of control than I even realized'. It turns out that I have an even worse problem with gambling than I do with meth.

Who knew?

Time For A Change? (For Real This Time?)
    It appears that the time for action is (nearly) upon me... I'm going to have to man up, grow a backbone and start pretending like I have at least a little bit of willpower. I just CAN'T continue to live like this. And how am I going to be able to stand up to anyone or anything in my life if I can't start learning to stand up to myself?

Dammit it's time for a change.
Just not tonight....

Change Will Be Good....Sometime Later On...
    I don't know.... I had the most rotten night at work tonight, (I actually cried like a little girl, and I haven't cried at work in YEARS!!) As lame as I know that is to use that as an excuse, I'm going to anyway. I've already spent the little bit of money that I actually made from tips tonight buying myself a little ten sack of speed. The rest of my money is most likely going to go into the slot machines at the bar down the street.


Grandude said...

Hey Girlie...I was going to leave my message on here until i realized you had an email listed over I sent you an email...sunshine did as well....check your facebook as well....take care talk to you soon

Random Girl said...

Yeah, I just added that email. As of lately it turns out that every once in a while someone (other than myself) actually reads my blog. So I decided it was time to get myself an email so people could contact me that way if they didn't want to post their thoughts or questions publicly for everyone to see.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right. You need to get the gambling sorted! There should be some support even in oregon.